The Maker's Project Planner

We designed the Maker's Project Planner for quilters, sewists and makers to dream, design, sketch and keep your swatches organized. 

As a quilt designer myself, I've struggled to find the right notebook to sketch out my designs and write the pattern information down.

In our new planner you will find :

Graph, lined and blank pages for all of your designing and planning needs. Each project section also includes 2 pages to record your swatches and all of their information. No more losing tiny pieces of fabric you bring to the quilt shop to try and match!

You don't need to be designing your own quilts to use the Maker's Project Planner either! It's the perfect place to keep track of your projects. You can write down the name of the pattern you are using, sketch out one of it's blocks, and color it in with the fabrics you are using. It's a great way to keep yourself organized. How fun will it be to look back through your notebook and have a colorful documentation of all the amazing things you have made? 

The Maker's Project Planner is a convenient 6" x 9" size and includes 150 pages, enough to hold up to 24 projects. There is a handy table of contents at the beginning so you can easily flip to the project you want. 

The planner has thick, glossy covers and is spiral bound.