Comfort & Joy 8 Week Sew Along

As we move into the holiday season, who needs a little more Comfort & Joy? This year has been NUTS and the holidays can oftentimes be stressful and overwhelming.

This year, I’d love to come along side you for 8 weeks while we take a deep breath and take a few minutes each week to do something we love, quilting!

How much better could this season be if you took a few minutes each week for yourself (wait what? I know, it’s hard!). Maybe you won’t have time to sew a block each week, and THAT’S OK! You will have the pattern to work on when you are ready. Maybe all you can do is spend a few minutes in our gratitude guide.

Each week along with a new block pattern, you will get new printable pages for our gratitude guide. Think of it as your holiday survival guide! I admit I am the worst at “self care” and taking time for myself. But maybe if we did it just a tiny bit we would be better able to have joy in this season. Our pretty gratitude guide will be full of ideas to bring the JOY back into the season. It will also have some holiday planning pages, and even my favorite holiday recipes. At the end of the 8 weeks you will get the finishing instructions to make your blocks into a lap quilt.

The sew along will start Nov. 20th and go through Jan. 8th. Each Friday you will receive a new block and gratitude guide pages via email. We will also have a private Facebook Group to share what we are working on. If you joined our Jumpstart on Christmas Sew Along you know how much fun the Facebook group was! I LOVED seeing everyone’s progress and how you encouraged each other. We need more of that these days don’t you think?

Join me as we find some Comfort & Joy all the way into the New Year!

*** Each Friday you will receive the block and gratitude guide via email