Safe at Home Quilt Pattern

I’m really excited to introduce our newest project, the Safe at Home modern row by row quilt! ✨✨✨ This will be an 8 week Quarantine Quilt-along! The price of the pattern is $25. Each week you will be emailed the week’s new block as a digital download. Then you will use the block to complete a row of the quilt. At the end of the 8 weeks you will have a gorgeous modern lap size quilt!

This is the first block of the quilt, to give you an idea. The blocks won’t all be this complicated. The rows will vary in size for more interest, and you will learn some great techniques like how to make flying geese and even how to paper piece!

* Note: The Quilt-along is finished so this is the complete pattern, rows 1-8! Enjoy!