How to Make Half Square Triangles 2 at a Time and 8 at a Time

We recently made a handy printable with a HST Cutting Chart that includes cutting for the 2 at a time and 8 at a time methods. We use slightly oversized squares so that you have the wiggle room you need to trim them down to the perfect finished size every time! If you haven't had a chance to grab it, head over to sign up for our newsletter and it will be emailed to you right away! 

HST 2 at A Time Method

To make HST's 2 at a time, you will start with 2 squares, one of each fabric. Lay the 2 squares right sides together. On the wrong side of one of the squares, draw a diagonal line from one corner to another. 

Now, sew 1/4" away from both sides of the drawn line. 

Cut apart on the drawn line. Press open towards the darker color. 

Now this is the great part! Your HST unit will be slightly oversized, so take your favorite square up ruler and trim it to be the exact finished size you want. Most rulers will have a diagonal 45' line on them that you can line up with the seam line to make them perfectly straight. 

That's it! Boom you just made 2 perfect Half Square Triangle units at once!

HST 8 at A Time Method

The method for making 8 at a time is very similar. Take your 2 squares, one of each fabric, and lay them right sides together. On the wrong side of one of the squares, draw 2 diagonal lines, one from EACH corner to the other.

Sew 1/4" away from both sides of the 2 drawn lines.

Now, the cutting for this method is slightly different. You will start by cutting the block in half vertically as shown in the next photo.

Turn those 2 pieces sideways to cut in half again. 

Now you have 4 squares that you will cut apart on the original drawn line. This makes 8 HST units. 

In the same way that you trimmed down your HST from the 2 at a time method, trim these units to your desired finished size.

WOW! You just whipped out 8 of these guys at once! Nice job! 

If you have any questions just leave them for me below! 


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12 February, 2020


I cannot get your sheet about half square triangles. Can you please email it to me?

Thank you.

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